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1. Legal basis of collecting Personal Data
Personal data; be collected, recorded and processed in accordance with the KVK Law (Protection of Personal Data Law No. 6698) and in accordance with our privacy policy described below and within the legal framework. We show maximum care to the security of personal data belonging to all individuals that are any relation with our company.

2. Purpose of collection and processing of Personal Data
Personal Data may be collected in verbal, in written or by electronic way through automatic or non-automatic methods, by our company staff, our websites, social media channels, mobile applications or by any other means. Personal Data may be saved, be processed or be updated as long as data owner continue to benefit from products or services offered by our company.
Personal Data may be processed for customizing or improvement of our products, services, company operations, etc. through customer needs or expectations.

3. Transfer of Personal Data
Personal Data may be shared with 3rd parties by the reasons given in Article.2 or to ensure the legal and commercial security of the people and public, within the framework of the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in the KVK Law.

4. Rights of Personal Data Owner according to Article.11 of the KVK Law
Personal Data owner has the right to:
-know purpose of collection and processing methods.
-know whether used in accordance with collection purpose.
-know to whom if Personal Data transferred to any third party.
-request correction of personal data and announcement of correction to third parties if transferred.
-request deletion of personal data upon disappearance of collection reasons described above and to request to order the same process from third parties that personal data has been transferred.
-object to the emergence of a result against him after processing of his personal data through automated systems.
-demand compensation if unlawful processing of his personal data caused any damage.

5. Claim
In accordance with the KVK Law, Personal Data owner must submit his request, including all necessary identity information and explanation, to our company mailing address by registered letter or by fax shown below.
When data owner submits any request regarding his personal data to our Company in written, we will finalize it within the periods specified in the KVK Law.
Applications by e-mail will not be considered and evaluated.

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